Non-Toxic Bed Bug Heat Extermination

We don't use pesticides or chemicals. Our heat process bed bug treatment is 100% safe and 100% effective.

Heat extermination is the #1 way to kill all life stages of bed bugs and their eggs. Its 100% effective, chemical free and you get to save your stuff!

Which System Is Best?

At Cimex Technologies we know our industry, the various systems and how they work and we can bring whatever system is most appropriate to solve your bed bug problem.

Got Bed Bugs? Call Us

We know how important keeping your loved ones healthy and safe. Call us today, we can get rid of the bed bugs in just one visit with complete discretion.

100% Safe & Effective

Cimex Technologies will eradicate bed bugs without the use of harmful and toxic chemicals. Click here to read why use Cimex Technologies.