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Preparing For Our Visit

The list below will help you prepare for our visit.

If you think you might have bed bugs, call us at 303-570-6848 immediately. We understand the urgency of the situation and will set up a free inspection ASAP! Within in minutes of staring the inspection can determine if you have bed bugs. If you do, we will provide you with a price quote and arrange a time to heat your space.

Cimex requires a $200 deposit when the extermination is scheduled.  This deposit will be put towards the total cost.  The balance will be collected on-site when the job is completed.  Cimex accepts cash and most major credit cards.

Cimex will be heating your space to a temperature of over 135°F.  It is important that anything that may be affected by the heat is removed from the space.  See the Customer Preparation List below. Cimex Technicians will be onsite throughout the 7-10 hour process.

Below is a list of items that may be affected by heat and should be removed. If it is not possible to remove something that is listed, please let us know.

Cimex Technologies Customer Prep List

People and pets should not be in the space during the treatment.  Be sure that you will not have to return to the space until the treatment is completed.

Before a Bed Bug Heat Extermination is done the following preparations are required:


  • All clothing and bedding should be put in the dryer for 25 minutes on high heat & placed in trash bags & tied up. Hanging clothes are ok to leave on hangers
  • Unplug all electronics and remove outlet covers in bedrooms and livingrooms
  • Remove all arts and crafts that have been glued together. Avoid cardboard boxes for storage.
  • Remove or place in refrigerator all meds & vitamins (prescriptions & over the counter)
  • Remove all fish, plants and pets as they will die from the heat
  • Remove all VHS & cassette tapes & vinyl records
  • Lay plastic picture frames or glued items flat on a table or counter
  • Turn off any alarms in the home and take batteries out of smoke detectors
  • Remove anything that will react under pressure: aerosols or butane
  • Remove any wine collections or cream liqueurs
  • Remove all Crayons, candles, plastic blinds, snow globes, lava lamps
  • Fine artwork (oil paintings) will be flash heated and then stored
  • All valuables such as jewelry, cash, guns, etc. should be secured. No Cimex Technologies technician has ever been involved in theft but this is still advisable for your piece of mind.
  • Please CONTACT US if you have any questions or need help with this preparation list.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to move/remove all above items.
  • Cimex Technologies is not responsible for damaged goods.
  • Cimex Technologies Extermination team will arrive between 8:00-8:30 a.m. and begin the preparation work. The goal is to heat up the living space to 140 degrees and hold the temperature for a calculated time frame. Our technicians go in every hour to take temperature readings and move around furniture, bedding, clothes etc. Customer can either provide a key for our staff to enter and exit the residence hourly or leave the doors unlocked for the day. Cimex Technologies must have complete access to the residence at all times throughout the Heat Treatment.
  • Customer is not permitted, under any circumstances, to enter the residence during the Heat Treatment. Cimex Technologies is not responsible for injuries caused by customer entering the residence.
  • Customer can go back into a very warm living space one hour after treatment. Your furniture shall be returned to its upright position. However some belongings might be out of place because of required movement to reach the thermal death point.

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