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Why should I use Cimex?

• Cimex uses a heat extermination process that is the only proven, 100% effective method of killing bed bugs, and we do it expertly and honestly.
• We have a Guarantee.
• Cimex heat extermination is the most cost-effective because we keep our price as low as possible, you don’t have to leave your home or commercial space overnight, and you don’t have to throw away valuables like mattresses.
• We heat exterminate in one day and we help you learn how to never have
bed bugs again.

What does it cost?

The cost of the service varies depending on square footage, location, type of building, and electrical access. When the space is inspected we will be able to give you a firm quote. We will do everything possible to minimize the cost. Initially, our service can be more costly than chemical extermination methods. But there are other issues to consider when weighing costs:

• Traditional extermination methods may require that you throw away furniture and mattresses, even books and other belongings, and wash all clothing, bedding and curtains. This can cost hundreds of dollars. Cimex does not require you to throw anything away, unless it is totally infested.
• You have minimal preparation when you hire Cimex.
• Costs to stay in a hotel or elsewhere are often required with traditional exterminators. Cimex completes the job in 5-10 hours.
• With Cimex, there will be no return visits to pay for.

Does heat extermination work?

Using specialized equipment, Cimex heats the space to a thermal death point of 135°F. The heat permeates everywhere, preventing the bed bugs from escaping. See our Which System is Best section for more information.

Does Cimex have references?

Yes, please contact us for references

Is Cimex licensed and insured?

Yes, Cimex is both licensed and insured.

How quickly can you be here?

Normally the premises can be inspected the same day you call. The heating process is usually scheduled within 1-2 days following inspection.

How long will the heat treatment take?

The treatment takes an average of 5-10 hours depending upon a number of factors including the size of the space and the contents in the space.

Why can't I treat the bed bugs myself?

In general, home remedies are not successful and send the bugs into hiding. Do not try and heat the space using conventional consumer heaters. It will be impossible to achieve the necessary temperature and it could be dangerous.

Is the process safe?

Yes, the Cimex heat extermination process is 100% safe. There are no pesticides or other chemicals to harm people or animals, and no residual effects. Cimex Technicians are on-site at all times monitoring the heating process with safety equipment. The safety of our clients and all their property is our number one priority. See our Which System is Best?  section for more information.

Do I have to throw away my furnishings and belongings?

Unlike traditional extermination methods, mattresses, couches, and other furniture usually do not have to be discarded. All of the contents of the space will be heated to kill all bed bugs and their eggs. Of course, there are some items that should not be heated.  These items are listed in our Customer Preparation List and removed during the preparation process.

Will the bed bugs return?

Cimex guarantees that all bed bugs and their eggs will be killed. We cannot guarantee that the bugs will not be brought back in, or return from a neighboring and untreated space. Discovering the source of the bed bug problem is critical in preventing future problems! See our Understanding Bed Bugs page for more information.

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