Why Heat Kills Bed Bugs

When applied properly, Heat Extermination is the #1 way to kill bed bugs because heat waves penetrate and go everywhere. It’s lethal, 100% effective, Chemical free and you get to save your stuff!

“The biggest advantage of heat is that it finds the bed bugs and their eggs wherever they are hiding.  It penetrates layers of fabric, upholstered furniture, boxes of household goods, and even mattresses and bedding . . .  The heat finds them and “cooks” them all at once”.

– Pest Management Professional, November 23, 2009

Cimex exterminates bed bugs using a heat extermination process. The infested space and surrounding walls are heated to a temperature above 135°F, killing all bed bugs and their eggs. Not only have pesticides become ineffective, Bed bugs have developed a resistance to pesticides. Without direct chemical contact to the bed bugs back, pesticides will fail! Compare this to heat: Bed bugs cannot become resistant to it, and heat waves get everywhere.

Cimex uses specialized equipment that is customized to the needs of each space. Our heating tools are designed specifically to spread, control, and monitor heat – getting it into hard to reach spaces inside your walls, furniture and mattresses.

Cimex heat extermination is based on scientific research. For articles and much more, see our Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Bed Bugs Section.

The Cimex Process

Depending upon the size of your space, it will take between 8-12 hours to heat the premises. It will be necessary to vacate the space during this time.

At all times our Technicians will act with complete discretion. Depending upon the size of your space, it will take between 8-10 hours to heat the premises. It will be necessary to vacate the space during this time.

At all times our Technicians will act with complete discretion.

When we arrive we will inspect the space to ensure that it has been properly prepared, (see our Prep List section) and note any pre-existing damage. We will ask you to sign a document permitting us to do the work which will also acknowledge the condition of the working space. We will move your furniture approximately 8 inches from the walls and place your mattresses, box springs and sofas on their sides. All dresser drawers, cabinets and closets will need to be opened. Our job is to ensure that the heat permeates everywhere possible.

All electronic equipment will be unplugged.

Our equipment will be brought into your home and set-up for maximum effect. Cimex Technicians will be moving the equipment throughout the heating process. The space and the surrounding walls will be heated safely to a thermal death point over 135°F.

A Cimex Technician will be onsite at all times during the extermination process.

When the heating process is completed, the space will be carefully inspected. Furniture will be somewhat returned to its original place but may be left turned up to speed cooling. Payment will be due at this time.

Cimex Technologies has about a 85% to 90% success rate on the first visit. A return visit maybe required if the bed bugs escape or are brought back in. After the heat process is complete there is a 14 day observation period. If no bed bug sighting within that time frame, a return visit is very unlikely. If bed bugs and their eggs are not 100% exterminated, we will re-do the process, guaranteed. Failure is not an option!

Cimex Is Really Green

Heat extermination is safe for you and the environment. No pesticides or other chemicals are used during the Cimex process, ensuring that people and pets are safe. The health or our environment is a priority for Cimex and we feel fortunate to be able to help people using such a green technology.

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